Barbara Tombeur Portfolio

dINK Sales application Design for a new tablet application for sales representatives. The application includes meetings, notifications and interactive presentations to guide the sales conversation.

Biomeal food delivery Corporate food ordering platform for employees. The webapplication allows employees to order lunch online which gets delivered to the company.

Fire department intervention application Intervention tablet application for the Antwerp fire department. The application gives information about the location of the intervention and the most optimal route to take.

Sales dashboard Corporate sales dashboard for the team of sales representatives. A responsive webapplication allowing the sales representatives to search for customers and keep up with sales targets.

Issue reporting application A tablet application to report construction issues. The application shows all reported issues with the possibility to add new issues.

Time reporting tool Webtool that allows reviewing of time registrations.

Event website Website and logo for the Belgian usergroup for Visual Studio developers.

Lease mobile application Simple mobile application to calculate lease rates. This application is used by sales representatives in the field.

digital signage webapplication concept Webapplication to manage digital signage within a company or event. The tool allows you to select which presentation is shown on which screen at a given time.

training enrollment webtool A webapplication that allows employees to enroll for a training. Training providers and companies can manage the available trainings and registrations.